The procedure for visiting our institutes

Dear Patients!

Due to the increasing number of upper respiratory tract infections we ask you to follow these recommendations:

–          the use of face mask when you visit the clinic in person is recommended but not mandatory; if you wish to use a mask, but do not have one with you please ask the assistants upon arrival to provide you with one

–          we allow maximum one accompanying person to enter the Clinic with the patient; if possible we ask the accompanying person to wait in the car

–          children under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the Clinic

–          in case you have signs of an upper respiratory tract infection and should it be required to visit the Clinic in person please wear a face mask

–          if, in addition to your symptoms, you also have fever please cancel your visit to the Clinic

We ask you to comply with the above regulations for your sake and for the sake of the other patients!

Thank you!

These regulations will remain in place until we can withdraw them.

Dunamenti REK Clinic

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